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I made an app!

Cocoon is an organiser is set in a tropical jungle with coconut trees and banana flowers. It offers a system to plan your personal care and everyday details to perfection. 

I devised this as a weekly organisation system for myself and it works brilliantly in helping me maintain my physical and mental health, incorporating the joy of simple everyday things into my schedule. I know giving myself this structure offers me focus and even moments of happiness in the day. So here it is, yours if you would like it to supplement your planning, conveniently fitting in your pocket! You can plan your week's schedule, your workouts, meals, self-care, and organise your outfits. I gave it some flexibility so you can customise it to suit you. I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you find happiness and self-love.



Find Cocoon Organiser in App Stores Now ♡

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