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Howl and Sophie

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Sometimes we come crashing-

tired, feathered monsters.

Sometimes we sink,

unable to take form.

I know. It happens.

But I never want you to see

that side of me,

I want to hold it all together

for you.

But sometimes it happens

that we crash

and can't hide.

When I'm a pile of feathers

and cannot remember who I am,

I still know I love you.

But will you see me

past the monster I feel?

There is no kindness

for the thing I am.

Could you still choose me

if you saw?

I chose you

when I saw

your heart.

Beyond your feathers and claws

is your essence,

and I can see.

Whenever you crash

and deconstruct atomically,

I will still see who you are.

And I will stay

until you find yourself.

Every time.

💌I fell quite badly in love with the film, and it just wasn't enough, so I got the book, and that was wonderful and quite drastically different, but it just wasn't enough. And then this poem happened. I'll never fall out of love with the two versions of this beautiful story, all its beautiful symbols and layers.


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