Beautiful Boy

I met you in a dream:

a child, trapped without your shoes,

toxic blood -invisible- covered the walls and floors,

I carried you out

of your poison home,

Whatever the route I chose,

the timing would be the same.

I wished I could’ve come sooner

so you wouldn’t have grown so frail,

so you wouldn’t have been afraid,

or cried one tear.

I hear

I missed a massacre-

Thank you for surviving.

I didn’t mind so much in the morning-

I didn’t think it was real.

Beautiful boy,

I didn’t know you were real.

I know that you’re surviving-

They even say you’re thriving.

I won’t ask

if you’re the one I love,

I know from how I feel,

but I can see

the poison realm you’re in.

The blood they think concealed

screams so loud to me.

You have to choose to leave-

It hurts to see,

and I won’t look again.

You have to come out by yourself.

I won’t doubt you, I love you,

I was trapped too,

I slept engulfed, breathing poison fumes,

it caught me early so my love would be of use-

Don’t ask me to come fall asleep with you,

in your dull ache,

Shake yourself awake.

Your entrapment is real.

Your captors are alert.

I cannot enter

even to pull you out-

You have to choose yourself free,

What a gift, what a remedy,

what medicine it was to me,

as I gasped for consciousness,

as I stumbled out

coughing sleepy mist,

to learn that you exist:

the person from my dreams,

no longer a blur-

Be assured,

as you take your steps,

that I’ll be outside,

waiting in the light.



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