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Updated: Aug 6, 2022

The vision lingers.

Soft light holds me.

I am afraid to forget


I don't want release

from this merging

of soft wishes

and soft dreams.

Such generous precision,

making my life so precious,

to think we were meant from the start-

Did you become my thoughts,

or were you inside before I knew

to want you?

Such love,

to be one

in this soft space.

I don't want to return

to my empty peace,

before the blending

of you and me.

I feel us together

in the In-Between,

when I open my eyes.

We're close.

Promise you'll know me,

as I now release your memory.

Even new, I will recognise

soft love in sturdy form.

I won't run.

And I won't hold too tight.

I let the shells fall:


and unfeeling-me

who can adore someone in this way.

This much.

Love is stronger

than I expected or knew.

So I ask nothing more of you.

I'm forgetting you already,

I'm forgetting your sparkling beauty,

all the details of your soul,

and how you reflect me.

I will only keep

this merging.

Our dawn is young but familiar:

Fulfilling. Stable. Deep as forever.

I will walk

in this intertwining of us.



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