Updated: Jun 29, 2021

I dived right into your world

following the woman in yellow.

She vanished and became me,

and I knew how to find you.

You were there,

connected from a million dreams.

You were there,

all layers merged,


If it is true love, it's ok.

If it is true love,

I'll forget everything

and let the morning rain cleanse me-

I'll be new.

The filling puddles,

the wet papaya garden,

each drop of rain,

the dewey morning,

it is all me,

and you can find me here.

If it is true love, I will take right now.

I will find my love in the moment

and let it fill me.

I will follow it to the future

where you might be-

I know you every time.

If it is true love,

I don't mind.

I think I'll like it very much.


💌Typing this out felt surreal because I really do have a chunk of my life now that I can't remember. I can't remember anything from when I wrote this, but I do remember it was after waking up from a dream exactly as described in the poem, and it was a rainy morning that looked exactly like the dream I had had.

I was following a woman hopping on stone steps, always a step behind, but she stopped and I collided into her and became her.

I don't think I could have known that this poem would make so much more sense to me in the future. I really have allowed myself to forget and just be new. It shows me the determination I lived with at that time. I wasn't sad, I knew I had to weather it out to reach the things I really wanted, and apparently I didn't mind. It's nice to know that.


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