The Blink

Updated: May 22

You say I missed some trains

and that the people I knew moved on.

I live in a timeless dimension now,

but we exist in the same space.

So it confuses me when you count days.

I'm no longer sad I fell in,

It was a patch I had to walk through-

misty, unpleasant, but possibly the only way here.

It was impossible to see,

and time halted inside entirely,

while it continued to tick for you.

I can't remember specifics now,

it has all been packed,

compacted into a tiny marble.

A memory may swirl to the surface,

but I can't give you a sequence or date-

not even a rough summary.

Just a swirling chaos of events

I can't remember so well.

I know I'm not the same person now

coming out.

I've changed,

I don't yet know how.

I've forgotten the things I studied,

and I've embraced instinct now.

"You were in there a while-

what happened?"

It's all still here. Yes.

I can break the marble and let it all spread

out for a clear view.

I'm sure it would shock you

for an afternoon.

I'm sure I would love your kindness

and to feel understood.

But I won't break the marble.

Of course it is true,

time continued for you.

But it was only a moment for me.

A short nightmare, long over now.

You lived a long life

since mine paused.

I don't feel a second.

Isn't that a good thing

if it couldn't be helped?

I'm thankful for this freedom.

Time is now irrelevant

between you and me.

Really, is it fair to ask me

to give up such a gift?



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