Joints and Limbs Insect

Updated: Jan 3

Was I supposed to die in the summer?

I kept living.

I grew more joints in my limbs.

I used to live to feel.

I liked to exist

with you.

Was I supposed to leave your hand?

I fell.

It crushed me.

I fell and kept living,

growing more joints and limbs-

was I supposed to survive?

Why did you bring me

to this stupid place?

Why did I keep growing?

What was any of it for?

I thought we had a plan.

I thought we were doing this together.

I thought we were friends forever.

I thought you loved being with me

everywhere we went.

Why did you leave me here

to keep growing,

an unrecognisable creature,


We're supposed to be together.

We're supposed to be friends.

But I'm broken now.

What was this for?


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