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Monsoon Birthday

It's a dewey grey school evening.

We get a couple of hours to spend

on cake and walks.

And giggles.

I wear my green top and embroidered shoes

-it will all be wet soon.

I fill a bag with orange flowers for you.

My pomegranate tree shakes its rain in me

as I reach and pluck your presents.

What I don't know now

is that I'll remember this day

after we part ways.

None of the disagreements,

just this day.

And monsoon again,

when you're just a few streets away,

I won't remember why,

why I can't come over with a bag of pomegranate flowers,

why we can't walk together in the rain,

why I'm all grown up, but missed seeing you change.

Only this memory of your birthday will remain.


💌This is about a treasured friendship which didn't survive. I am still thankful for having had it while it lasted and remember the good things.


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