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Updated: Jul 18, 2023

I find it strange

how I was willing to let go.

I don’t know how

I trusted

that nothing would change,

That it would bring us close.

I don’t know how

I could watch the life slide

From his body,

His sweet eyes.

I find it strange

The calm in that moment.

I said, “See you on the other side”.

I was brave,

I said I didn’t mind

if I couldn’t see

or touch anymore.

And he was brave.

Or he trusted.

Or he knew.

I don’t know now

If it is really enough

when I don’t see him.

But when I think of him sometimes

or hear a song I used to play to him,

and I find myself outside,

somebody sends me a Rainbow.

🌈 This was about saying goodbye to my dog and getting used to him being a ghost dog. He was a golden retriever named Rambo. His tough name didn't remotely reflect his personality, but that's what he was called before we got him, and it stuck because we couldn't work out what the perfect name for him was. He got called Mango and Raspberry a lot. I realise now that he was a Rainbow.


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