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Two-Faced Demon

It seemed he wanted to know what he would get

in return for my existence.

I feel angry that I could not leave.

Am I supposed to forget you

revealing your true face

and refusing to release me

from that nightmare?

No matter the cost.

No matter the cost.

All of my childhood,

all the room I made for you,

what can it mean

now that I've seen your full capacity?

You could not receive the world

of love that I gave you,

I will not forget

that you caged me for your own sake,

used my trust to drag me to your murk,

tried to break my will.

As I leave now,

I will forgive myself for the time it took

to find my way in a shattered world.

I will take nothing of this with me.

I faced the two-faced demon

who held my life in his poison claws,

scraping the peripheries of my most treasured days.

I will not continue in fear or hate.

I will not be afraid

or think kindness is a weakness,

or trust is a failing,

My life will be so blessed

in the new world I make.

💌 Find part 2 here.


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